Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be one of the most romantic times of the year, and for couples this is especially true. But many people celebrate Valentine’s Day out of obligation rather than pure celebration.  While any day can be a romantic day, there is one day each year dedicated to celebrating the love that you share with that special person in your life.  Make the most out of this day, and take the time to really appreciate the people who make your life special.


Infusing some creativity into your Valentine’s Day ideas can revive a spark or just show you care.  Be creative and give a gift from the heart this year, and you’ll realize the joy that can be found by celebrating Valentine’s Day in love.

Romantic Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Here are some creative and romantic ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.  These are romantic things you can do for or with your special someone, no matter where you are or how much you can afford to spend on the holiday.

  • Handmade from the Heart

When you put time, effort and creativity into something, whoever is receiving your gift will appreciate it much more.  Make your own Valentine’s Day card or write a love poem or song for that special someone.  You may even be able to create a list of “10 Reasons Why I Love You.”

  • Create an Enchanting Atmosphere at Home

Before your sweetie gets home, put on soothing music, light candles throughout the house, sprinkle a path of rose petals on the floor that lead them to their Valentine’s Day gift.  Anticipation is half the fun of a romantic surprise, so be creative.

  • Massage Your Thoughts Away

Treat your sweetie to a foot, hand and back massage.  If you’re no masseuse, you can search for local spas where you can both enjoy the relaxing effects of a couple’s massage.

  • Write Your Own Love Poem and Read by Candlelight

A love poem goes a long way when it’s handwritten by the one you love.  If you have any musical talents, try writing a love song dedicated to your significant other.  Even if you aren’t musically inclined, the effort will be very much appreciated!

  • Watch a Romantic Movie by the Warm Glow of the Fireplace

Sometimes the most romantic thing you can do for your loved one is spend some quality time with them.  Curling up on the couch to a romantic movie and a crackling fire will surely put you both in the loving spirit.

  • Recreate Your First Date

Turn back the clock and remind your loved one how passionate you are about them.  Go to the same restaurant or order the same kind of meal, see the same type of sporting event, rent the movie that you saw for the first time together… and so on.  Enjoying a special moment again can spark that romance and let your partner know you remember all the little details from the very beginning.

  • Capture Your Love on Camera

Make an appointment for you both to get professional pictures taken.  You can even photograph each other indoors and out, mixing serious and candid photos for a variety of frame-worthy fun.

  • Make a Scavenger Hunt

Hide clues around the house – or around town – with each clue leading to the next, and eventually leading to a special gift.  Clues can be anything from photographs to notes, and that gift could even be you!

  • Learn Something New Together

Sit down to a nice glass of wine and write down a list of each other’s goals and dreams.  Try to find something on each list that neither of you have tried before, and cross it off together.  Sharing new experiences together is a romantic way to bring you closer and add some life to a relationship.

  • Get Active

Spend time together doing something fun and get those endorphins flowing.  Go ice skating, take a trip to the mountain or visit your local indoor swimming pool.   These are great ways to get your hearts pumping and put you both in a loving, playful mood.

  • Dress to Impress

Whether you’re dining out at your favorite restaurant, seeing a play or just staying in, dress up in your finest.  It will make the occasion feel even more special, and it’s an excuse for the ladies to get all dolled up!

More Romantic Things to Do in Massachusetts

You can celebrate Valentine’s Day in romance without leaving Massachusetts.  Here are a few more romantic things you can do for Valentine’s Day this year.

Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas, Celebrating Valentine's Day in Worcester Massachusetts

  • A Candlelight Dinner

This is a classic and romantic way to celebrate your love for one another.  Our restaurant provides an elegant setting and a delightful menu perfect for this tried and true Valentine’s Day date idea.  View our 4 course Prix Fixe Valentine’s Day Menu, available starting February 13th!

  • Go on a Romantic Getaway

Changing your surroundings is a surefire way to do something different on Valentine’s Day, and you don’t need to travel to a faraway destination to do it.  Take a peek at our Romance Package, and turn a visit to Worcester, MA into a romantic vacation for two.

  • Spend an Evening in Love

Surprise your loved one with reservations for a Valentine’s Dinner at Beechwood Hotel!  On Friday, February 10th, our romantic hotel is teaming up with WSRS for a wonderful experience.  A cocktail reception starts off the evening at 6:00pm, with a 3 course dinner service following at 7:00pm.  You and your partner can share a bottle of white or red (included in your reservation) and a professional photographer will be there to take couples photos.  At $96 per couple, inclusive, the value in this event is truly something to love!  Call 508-453-1112 or email to make your reservations and plan for an exciting, romantic evening with your favorite person!

  • A Weekend Dedicated to Romance

Turn the entire weekend before Valentine’s Day into a celebration of your love for each other.  Visit us for Sunday brunch at the Beechwood Hotel on February 12th and enjoy each other’s company from the very moment you wake up.

A Romantic and Memorable Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with romance, incorporating some of these romantic date ideas into your plans.  Celebrate Valentine’s Day in love, putting a creative twist on your romantic celebration that will let that special someone know just how special they are to you.

Valentine’s Day will be special and memorable if you celebrate in your own way, not everyone else’s way.  Put that thinking cap on before the big day arrives – using these romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas as a starting point – and you will be ready to give your valentine the best gift, and memories, yet.  Just remember that time spent together is the best way to celebrate your love.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Beechwood Hotel and Ceres Bistro!