New Restaurant Menu Series, Part Three: Dessert

It’s time for the finale; yes, our new dessert menu at Ceres Bistro.

When was the last time you were really “WOW-ed” by a restaurant dessert menu?  If you can’t seem to remember, or if you’re looking for a new dessert menu that really sets the bar for extraordinary, Ceres in Worcester, MA has a treat… or two… for you.

Setting the bar higher than ever, our new Chef and GM (whom you can read more about in the first guest post of our three-part blog series) have designed a dessert menu that you simply must treat yourself to.

After sampling four dishes off of our new dinner menu, our guest blogger takes you on a joyous trip down dessert lane… read on as she describes her sensational experience, beginning with our anything-but-ordinary Carrot Cake.

Dessert (Also known as “Afterglow”)

We ordered four desserts.  The Carrot Cake, the Dark Chocolate Pâté, the Chocolate Earl Gray Cake and the Sticky Toffee Pudding.  Well, let me just preface this section by saying OHMYGOD.  And please excuse if what follows is a little too much akin to food porn.

New Restaurant Menu at Ceres Bistro in Worcester, Massachusetts: Dessert Menu

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing and Salted Caramel.

Thankfully, they waited about 5-10 minutes before serving the dessert to give us room to digest what we’d already had.  We began with the carrot cake.  Well, let me tell you, my notes read this verbatim:  “HOLY $@%!”  Perhaps not the most reviewer-y thing to write, but hey, it was straight up fact.  You might utter the same thing when you taste it yourself.  Onto the more professional notes… we found it to be really PRETTY first of all, but (knowing that wouldn’t last long), the whole thing was just an erotic dance of flavors and taking carrot cake to a whole new level.  The orange chocolate shavings atop the ooey gooey caramel, warmly embracing the cake presented a spicy, smooth, seriously amazing carrot cake that really blew the lid off of anything I’d ever had in the realm of “healthy” desserts (hey, it’s a vegetable!!!) in my life.  Quite possibly, the very best carrot cake I’ve ever had, and I was not the only one that thought so.  We all unanimously agreed – quite possibly the best.

New Restaurant Menu at Ceres Bistro in Worcester, Massachusetts: Dessert Menu

Dark Chocolate Pate with Berry Purée and Crème Anglaise.

As if we could imagine anything better, we dove into the chocolate pâté next.  Wonderful little shards of creamy chocolate all piled up high in the middle of the plate with this evil (oh in a good way, trust me) little combination of raspberry sauce with whipped cream… all conspired to make a dish that we won’t forget any time soon.  I think if you were a chocoholic, this would quite easily be the dish that would send you, head spinning, into rehab, complete with support groups and sponsors.  Oh.  My.  God.  The chocolate was decadent, creamy, and by God, it was sensual.  Imagine the perfect truffle from the Godiva store.  Yep.  My only regret was sharing this with my girls and not my husband.  How sinful.

New Restaurant Menu at Ceres Bistro in Worcester, Massachusetts: Dessert Menu

Chocolate Earl Grey Cake with Honey Milk Sauce and Cinnamon Sugar Dusting.

Moving onto the earl gray cake, we had all precisely zero expectation about what this could taste like, or what kind of taste adventure this would be.  Well, one bite in, and let me tell you that it was quite possibly the most unusual, borderline weird dessert I’ve ever had, but in SUCH a good way.  I’m not kidding when I say this – it was like a chewy cup of tea, if you can imagine such a thing.  It really lived up to the name, and wasn’t overly sweet.  I imagined myself enjoying this in the morning with my book and bathrobe and looking at my husband innocently, and defending my choice with… “what?  It’s tea!” and totally forgetting a silly thing like calories.  After all, a calorie is a small creature that climbs into your closet at night and sews them all tighter for you.  If you don’t believe that exists, then I don’t believe that calories exist.  Not when it comes to my earl gray cake.  We contemplated licking the plate.

New Restaurant Menu at Ceres Bistro in Worcester, Massachusetts: Dessert Menu

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Whipped Cream and Praline Pecans.

Saving the ooey-est and the gooey-est for last, we finally and joyously indulged into the toffee pudding.  I think in that moment, if I could have had a food-gasm, it would have happened right then and there, in the restaurant.  What would that look like anyway?  Who knows… but this devilish little dish could certainly bring one about if there were such a thing.  The sauce was sweet, tangy and really rich in all the very best ways, the candied nuts were just about the best thing since sliced bread, and the pudding itself was warm, very moist and in absolute perfect harmony with the sauce and candied nuts.  There is a God indeed.

This dinner proved several things to me.  One, apparently, you can eat THAT much in one sitting and not explode.  Two, there is a God, and He clearly wants us to be happy.  Finally, Ceres Bistro clearly has a new lease on life, and it’s thanks to Bill Nemeroff.

I’ve experienced many things when dining at Ceres Bistro, and I’ve sometimes left less than pleased and sometimes left very happy.  I welcome Bill to Ceres with open arms, and perhaps chocolate-smeared kisses planted all over his face.  The changing of the guard has breathed new life into this little gem, which has earned quite the reputation for its inconsistent gastric delights in the past.  With Bill on board, the bar has been raised, and I have the highest expectation that the food will no doubt reach a new level of CONSISTENT excellence, one that Worcester diners should wholeheartedly look forward to with aplomb.

Salted caramel and cream cheese icing… berry purée and crème anglaise… honey milk sauce and cinnamon sugar dusting… whipped cream and praline pecans… huh?  If you want to pair up those sumptuous little extras, take a peek at our new dessert menu online.

This sensual and savory journey concludes our three-part “New Restaurant Menu Series.”  A HUGE thanks goes out to our guest contributor for her willingness to write beautiful, honest and descriptive pieces describing the new restaurant menu – from appetizers to desserts – featured at Ceres Bistro in Worcester, MA.  We could not have provided you with such a delicately detailed blog series without her help!

We are thrilled to have Chef Nemeroff and General Manager Dhir at Ceres to take the restaurant to a whole new level of success.  We invite you to join us for appetizers, dinner and dessert all over again, but for the very first time!