New Restaurant Menu Series, Part Two: Dinner

Part Two of our “New Restaurant Menu Series” has arrived!  And this post is all about our new dinner menu at Ceres Bistro.

Picking up where we left off in our last featured guest post on appetizers, our contributor writes all about her, and her colleagues’, experience during their visit to try out our new dinner menu.  Also referred to as “The Main Event,” our new and exciting options for dinner really make for a well-rounded dining adventure when you journey to Worcester to sample our entire new restaurant menu.

Hold on to your forks and knives as we dive in yet again!  Our guest blogger has a lot to say about our savory new dinner menu.

Dinner (Also known as “The Main Event”)

Let that settle for a bit, shall we?  We laughed, we reminisced over the first course we all just devoured and enjoyed tremendously.  As we waited for the second course to arrive, I considered for a moment – how on earth are we going to eat MORE?

When it arrived, our eyes almost bulged.  It was a sensory overload of lovely plating, colors, textures, and heavenly aromas.  Well, I found my appetite again, quickly, as did we all.

We had ordered the Veal Porterhouse Chop, the Pan Seared Duck Breast, Pan Seared Salmon Provencal and the Grilled Shrimp & Scallops dish, and didn’t have any trouble deciding which to dive into first.  The salmon was the most colorful, the most attractive on the plate, and omygodinheaven, it had succulent little capers on it!

New Restaurant Menu at Ceres Bistro in Worcester, Massachusetts: Dinner Menu

Pan Seared Salmon Provencal with Diced Tomato, Caper, Chardonnay, Himalayan Red Rice and Grilled Asparagus.

Let’s talk about salmon.  It was decadent and healthy at the same time.  It was visually appealing, colorful, and clearly made us want to “dive in.”  The lovely piece of fish was prepared flawlessly, with its presentation resulting in a perfectly moist, flaky meat with a delicate texture and essence.  We all agreed it had an amazing blend of aromatics and textures, especially with those tangy little bursts of almost liquid perfection, otherwise known as capers.  The tomatoes lent an unexpected creaminess to the dish, and were in perfect complement to the snappy grilled asparagus, and the RICE.  The rice deserves its own paragraph.  It was crunchy, still had the shell on, and was just bursting with sumptuousness.  Seeing how much food was still left on the table – as much as it pained us all to do so, we moved on, and left some of this heavenly dish on the plate.

New Restaurant Menu at Ceres Bistro in Worcester, Massachusetts: Dinner Menu

Pan Seared Duck Breast with Dark Cherry Lacquer and Cherry Demi Glace.

We moved on next to the duck.  It was in such sharp contrast to the duck we’d enjoyed earlier, in that it was overflowing with juices, and the presenting cherry sauce was sweet, with a deep taste.   Still not greasy, this was really a fine piece of duck, with a lovely aroma to the flesh.  Served with steamed vegetables (to perfection, I might add) and mashed potato, it was all in all, a really fine dish.  When combining a little bit of everything into one forkful, we found the most celebratory experience that this dish was clearly designed for.  The flavors balanced out perfectly, and created a very pleasing sensation for this gastronome.  There was nothing really remarkable about the potato, but I was glad for it – the sauce and the duck itself needed to be front-and-center, and with expert pairing, it was.

New Restaurant Menu at Ceres Bistro in Worcester, Massachusetts: Dinner Menu

Grilled Shrimp and Scallops with parmesan truffle risotto, butternut cream and baby arugula

Getting more full, but certainly not less curious, we moved on to the scallop and shrimp dish.  We found that the presentation was simple and generous, and in my experience, when serving risotto, a wise move.  The scallops were very different from the appetizer’s scallops, in that they were slightly firmer, and of a starkly different taste structure.  What really MADE this dish was the sauce.  It was served with this really unusual but creamy and indulgent butternut crème– it was somehow fluffy, rich, and deep in flavor, all at the same time.  My only despair at this dish was that there wasn’t more of it!  More please!  I thoroughly enjoyed every last drop of that, as did we all.  Again, creating that one perfect forkful with a little of everything was the key to this dish’s enlightenment.  A true cascading crescendo of hints and notes all creating a seemingly perfect mouthful.

New Restaurant Menu at Ceres Bistro in Worcester, Massachusetts: Dinner Menu

Veal Porterhouse Chop with Creamed Local Oyster Mushrooms, Mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, Grilled Asparagus and Truffle Oil.

About ready to explode, we all eyed the gorgeous veal chop that was staring at us menacingly from the plate, almost as if to say, “oh really?  You think you’ve got more room?  I doubt it…”  Well, challenge accepted.  We sliced into it and found we had really saved one of the best for last. The meat was juicy, perfectly pink (as we’d requested), tender, soft and just bursting with moisture.  One bite with the sauce with the AMAZING oyster mushrooms and we were all off in heaven, never to return again.  Again with the mushrooms!  None of us really being major fans of the fungi, we didn’t have the highest of expectations, but we were all in for quite the journey into a strange exciting new world of sensory overload.  The mushrooms were so good, in perfect harmony with the delicate cream sauce and the veal that it really could have been a perfect appetizer all by itself.  I was envisioning the mushrooms with thinly sliced strips of veal with the sauce presented on a simple by itself…  I can’t say I would have shared that with anyone.  But on this plate with the potato and snappy asparagus, it was succulent and perfect in its own right.  The truffle oil tied the entire plate together with all its harmony of flavors and sensations, and I think helped make it truly amazing.  The portion was very generous, and even if we hadn’t just split a total of 8 dishes, we would still have had some to take home to enjoy the next day.

Unbuttoning the top button of my jeans, we warily discussed dessert as we let everything settle in and digest for a few minutes.  What culinary voyage would be complete without dessert?  But we were oh so full…

Then Samir, the GM wandered over to say hello and described the perfect chocoholic’s dish, the chocolate pâté.  Well, in that case…

… well, what about the chocolate pâté dessert?  You’ll have to check back to read the final guest post in our three-part series, the one that takes you on an indulgent tour of our new dessert menu at Ceres!

But why wait for more fantastic depictions of our menu when you can experience it for yourself?  Create your own delicious memories at Ceres Bistro, and join us for dinner!  You have access to the entire dinner menu online so you can choose what you’d like to try before you even arrive.  You’re sure to find a new – and maybe unexpected – favorite on our new dinner menu.

Enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled for the finale of our “New Restaurant Menu Series,” coming soon!