Our Favorite Summer Cocktail Recipes

It’s Friday and you just got off work. You are so tired you don’t even want to take off your work clothes and to make matters worse, it’s about ninety degrees outside and you’re about ready to pass out from heatstroke. It feels like it has been the worst week ever and a beer just read more

Wine Tasting Tips: How to Drink Wine

There is just something about wine that really makes an evening perfect. So what better way is there to spend a night than learning how to drink wine? Luckily, there are many wine tasting classes that teach people how to drink wine. You can gather a group of friends or have a more intimate occasion with read more

Online Hotel Booking Tips: How to Book a Hotel Room Online

Hotel booking lives in a new world these days: the World Wide Web.  So how do you go about booking a hotel room online?  Whether you want to save time, money, frustration (or all of the above), there are some basic online hotel booking tips that will help you navigate the Internet for the best read more