Benefits of Staying in a Luxury Boutique Hotel

Booking a luxury boutique hotel will be a decision you will not regret or soon forget.  Luxury hotels provide so many advantages to the person traveling for vacation, business or a special event.  Those that choose to stay in a luxury boutique hotel expect higher standards, so you can expect to be pampered, wined and dined when you stay at a luxury hotel.Benefits of Staying in a Luxury Boutique Hotel in Worcester MA

For instance, luxury hotels invest in better quality mattresses and pillows.  This may seem basic, but it’s an important basic – after all, being comfortable during your stay is a huge factor in your satisfaction level!  Cozy rooms are accompanied by personalized (and most times much better) customer service, because luxury boutique hotels are all about making guests happy.

The following article from clearly lists the many wonderful benefits of staying in a luxury boutique hotel over another, cheaper hotel.  See which benefits really catch your eye!

Top 10 Reasons to Stay in a Luxury Hotel

When you stay in a luxury hotel, you’re paying for much more than a simple place to spend the night. Luxurious hotels offer a complete experience, where you can feel pampered, enjoy superior service, and simply relax. Whether boutique, resort, or five-star, luxury hotels offer a variety of amenities and can provide the perfect place to mark a special occasion or simply get away from it all. Here are the top 10 reasons to stay in a luxury hotel.

  1. Beautiful facilities: Luxury hotels offer a beautiful setting in which to enjoy your stay. These hotels are usually unique, providing their own character, style, and charm. Some have incredible gardens or are situated in scenic locations as well.
  2. VIP treatment: Luxury hotels typically have a lower guest-to-staff ratio, affording you much more personalized service. Expect desk reception, housekeeping, and other services to be top of the line.
  3. Concierge service: At many hotels, you can rely on the concierge to book any dinner, concert, or theater reservations. Since most have local connections, you can be assured that you are experiencing the best of what the area has to offer.
  4. In-house activities: Luxurious hotels offer guests onsite activities such as spas, swimming pools, gyms, golf courses, and the like. You’ll probably also encounter poolside drink service, dry-cleaning services, and other little perks.
  5. Superior room conditions: If you are staying in a luxurious hotel, you can expect your room to be in mint condition. Service will often be provided in the mornings and afternoons, although some offer an evening turn-down service as well. You may even find a mint on your pillow each night.
  6. Room service: Luxury hotels often provide excellent 24-hour room service options. This gives you the perfect opportunity to have a romantic dinner for two or a luxurious breakfast in bed.
  7. Top-of-the-line security: Most upscale hotels are equipped with excellent security systems. This can ease worries when it comes to room theft and personal safety when on hotel grounds.
  8. Excellent restaurants: If you’re going to be staying at a top-rated hotel, chances are there’s a restaurant serving fine cuisine onsite. Many feature high-quality meals showcasing local cultures and ingredients. This is a wonderful opportunity to pamper your palate.
  9. Designer linens and towels: Here, you can pamper yourself with luxury linens and soft towels you probably don’t have at home. Many hotels even offer bathrobes, perfect for the pool or lounging around the room.
  10. Discounts are available: There are multiple sites available online that specialize in discount pricing for top-of-the-line accommodations. Some even offer package bookings for hotels, airfare, and rentals cars, giving deep discounts on the price of the room.

Personal service and far-from-cookie-cutter rooms are both qualities you can expect from luxury boutique hotels, no matter your reason for staying.  Extra perks and a highly dedicated staff are not uncommon at boutique hotels, and you’re likely to be staying in a central location that’s close to local attractions and beautiful views.  Not all hotels were created equal, and this is something that luxury hotels (like us) embrace.

Benefits of Staying in a Luxury Boutique Hotel in Worcester MA

Staying in a luxury boutique hotel will make your vacation more relaxing and enjoyable (or turn your business trip into a vacation!).  View the luxury accommodations we boast at the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester, Massachusetts along with our beautiful restaurant, Ceres Bistro, located inside of the hotel.

Enjoy your next luxury hotel experience!

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