New Year’s Ideas That Make an Unforgettable Party

As Christmas grows nearer and nearer, so does the New Year! New Year's 2013; Ceres Affair; Ceres Bistro & Beechwood Hotel; Worcester, MAEach year we experience parties that have the same New Year’s ideas. This year, spice up your party with unique New Year’s ideas that involve your guests more. There are a variety of New Year’s ideas that can make your party a memorable one. Incorporate your New Year’s ideas into your finger foods, themes, and entertainment to make sure your guests feel the full theme of your party.

New Year’s ideas that can liven things up a bit include going out for New Year’s Eve, dressing up in costume, trying New Year’s ideas from around the world, or celebrating with fun cocktails. Taking your New Year’s ideas out of the box can help entertain and keep the party rolling. The article below from has great New Year’s ideas and themes to make your party one to remember.

5 Ways to Coolify Your New Year’s Eve Party

We’ve all been to those lame-o New Year’s Eve parties, haven’t we?

Hors d’oeuvres, Champagne toast, blah-blah-blah…Happy New Year. Not this year!!! Ring in the New Year with a bang by using one of these unique party ideas.

1. Have a Ball with a Times Square Party
Arguably one of the most, if not THE most, famous New Year’s celebration occurs in the bright lights of Times Square in New York City. Whether it’s Ryan Seacrest or the classic Dick Clark, the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve party is simply where it’s at. Incorporate this NYC tradition in your New Year’s celebration this year:

• Skyline – The famed NYC skyline would be a little difficult to replicate in full, but a slice of the Big Apple will do. Google a picture of the NYC skyline and get a crafty friend to create a few of those famed skyscrapers for a dramatic tablescape background.
• Did someone say mirror ball? – I know…big surprise. But, the ball dropping must be incorporated! Use Dollar Store mirror balls as decoration and even fashion a real ball dropping for your New Year’s Eve countdown!
• Confetti – At midnight, surprise your guests with a shower of confetti, just like they do in NYC. Yes, it’s going to be messy, and you might be seeing that confetti all the way through to NEXT New Year’s Eve. But it will be so worth it!

Don’t forget the best part about NYC, the food! Serve these up in mini bites to keep your party-goers in an Empire state of mind all night.
Grilled “Philly” New York Strip Steaks
Pastrami and Swiss Melts
Creamy Waldorf Salad
New York Cheesecake
Black & White Cookies

2. “Tick, Tock and Ya Don’t Stop” Clock Themed Party
New Year’s Eve is the only holiday where the clock striking a certain time really does matter. You pretty much have to ring in the New Year at Midnight, wouldn’t you say? An 8 p.m. New Year’s celebration just won’t cut it. Put a focus on the starring hour by incorporating clocks into your party theme:

• Clock Cupcakes – The always inventive Martha (Stewart, of course) used clocks for one of her most brilliant confections yet – the New Year’s Eve clock cupcakes. Using your favorite cupcake recipe (may I suggest champagne flavored?), make 12 cupcakes and arrange in a circle on a plate. Using a skinny decorating tip, ice the numbers 1 through 12 on the cupcakes. Create paper clock hands for the center of the plate.
• Vintage Clocks – Head to your local Goodwill or vintage thrift store and pick up an assortment of vintage clocks. Arrange the clocks down the center of the table, on each place setting, or just cluster them around the party. Be sure to turn each clock hand to midnight!

3. Around the World
Have you ever wondered what the other time zones are doing around the world to ring in the New Year? Why not have a party that showcases some international traditions? Yes, I’ll take a little education with my bubbly…
• Spain – In Spain, New Year’s Eve is known as “Ano Viejo.” The Spaniards ring in the New Year with plenty of cava and eat 1 grape on each chime of the clock at midnight, for a total of 12 grapes stuffed in your mouth at once!
• Italy – In Italy, you can wear red underwear for good luck on NYE…although I don’t know if you are having that kind of party! Celebrate Italian style in a more PG fashion by eating lentils, which are thought to bring you good fortune in the new year.

4. Dress Like Your Resolution
That’s right – express your resolution loud and clear – IN COSTUME! Invite your friends over dressed as their New Year’s resolutions, and have people figure out what they are supposed to be.
• Have fun with it! If your resolution is the standard “lose weight,” dress up in 80s style work out gear for a fun play on exercise.
• Hi my name is…. Use nametags to identify each person by their resolution. Have all the resolution nametags spread out on the table and have people guess which nametag belongs to each person. “Hi my name is ….. Eating only organic foods” – goes to the guy dressed as a leaf. Get it? It’s a great icebreaker and the scope of this is endless fun!

5. Pop the Bubbly
You can’t have New Year’s Eve without a little bubbly…even if you don’t imbibe, you’ll probably have some sparkling cider. So, celebrate with BUBBLES!

• If you can’t rent out a bubble machine, let’s be serious – you can – blow up some balloons! White and silver balloons would give off a bubblelicious and dreamy effect.
• Party Favors – Champagne Splits with personalized labels and/or small bubble bottles with personalized labels will evoke the theme of the evening!

Put Champagne in your…EVERYTHING. Obviously you’re probably going to serve Champagne, but dress it up using one of these five awesome Champagne cocktails recipes from sugarandcharm.
Apple Champagne
Lemon Champagne Cocktail
Champagne and St-Germain
Pomegranate and Orange Champagne
Raspberry Vodka Champagne

Also, be sure to include these awesome recipes that use Champagne in unexpected places!
Champagne Cupcakes
Champagne Shrimp Risotto

From bubbles to grapes, resolutions to clocks, there is no reason to not celebrate New Years with a bang! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

To spice things up, exclusive New Year’s ideas include taking the party away from home. When you take your party away from home, you’re celebrating and meeting new people to kick off the New Year with. You can’t go wrong with New Year’s ideas to visit Times Square in NYC. Not only will you experience the ball drop before your eyes, but you are celebrating with thousands of other people. Can’t make the haul to New York City? Try finding local places that have New Year’s events. New Year’s ideas to incorporate the Times Square feel, is having your own ball drop, followed by a shower of confetti.

To make sure guests feel the vibe of your party, you want to make sure that everything follows your New Year’s ideas. Invites, games, food, themes, decorations, beverages, and apparel should match the overall idea of the party. Remember: you can’t go wrong with glitter, balloons, and confetti to decorate.

When considering New Year’s ideas for entertainment, considering having a resolution party. Have each guest write down their resolution. The following year, bring out the old resolutions and see who followed through!

Since New Year’s is such an exciting time, there are a variety of New Year’s ideas that can spice up the night. The trick is coming up with New Year’s ideas that can keep your guests entertained. When entertaining guests, you can’t go wrong with providing tasty drinks. Spice up New Year’s ideas by coming up with new beverages your guests have not heard of before.

If you are interested in celebrating New Year’s with delicious food, the Ceres Bistro and the Beechwood Hotel have come up with their own New Year’s ideas! At the Ceres Bistro we will be ringing in the New Year with a “Ceres Affair,“ a 4-Course Prix Fixe menu (the regular menu will also be available). In addition to our food, we will be providing live entertainment, even after the ball drops. Call us if you have any questions about our New Year’s celebration! We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.