Why Support the Arts?

Ceres Bistro and The Beechwood Hotel are proud to support the arts on a regular basis. Support the Arts; Ceres Bistro and Beechwood Hotel; Worcester, MAFrom the live entertainment we feature on Friday evenings such as Denise Cascione & Joey D’angelo, Jon Bonner, and Andy Cummings to our Dinner/Theater Packages for Two, we not only support the arts, but we encourage others to support the arts by pairing up with local artists.

For instance, the Express Theatre Menu that we offer encourages our patrons to support the arts by getting them in, out and well fed in time to catch their show. We also offer online dinner reservations and Hanover Theatre ticket purchasing as another incentive to support the arts.

In fact, this year we also supported the arts by having Vaillancourt Folk Art decorate the Beechwood lobby Christmas tree with their nationally recognized and highly detailed hand-painted figurines and ornaments. This not only showcased their work and gave them publicity, but we also kept a separate selection of their collectibles on display for purchase as yet one more way to support the arts.

Tea Time at Ceres Bistro, held on Saturday afternoons in December, not only supports charities but tries to also support the arts by incorporating local artists in some form. Our first Tea Time this month featured the actress who played Tiny Tina in The Christmas Carol at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts in Worcester, Massachusetts.

There are many reasons to support the arts in the categories of academics, tourism and economy. These areas benefit a bit more directly from supporting the arts and have measurable criteria such as SAT scores, dollars spent at local businesses and increased attendance at other local events.

But there are also several human reasons to support the arts as well. Creativity, well-being and community-building are all important aspects of life and in and of themselves are good enough reasons to support the arts.

Even without all of the supportive facts to let us know that supporting the arts is important and beneficial, Ceres and Beechwood would support the arts anyway. Why? Seeing the smiles and enjoyment on our patrons’ faces as the artists perform and watching the stress melt away as the good time builds is reason enough to support the arts.

With all of the activities and events that we offer, Ceres Bistro and the Beechwood Hotel make it easier than ever for you to plan a night on the town supporting the arts with us. We couldn’t support the arts without you! To learn more about our food, lodging and entertainment, visit Ceres Bistro or the Beechwood Hotel online or stop by! We look forward to your visit.