Five Secrets to Enjoying a Staycation

Day after day, we sit at our desks and fantasize about the trips we’ll take when we can finally afford to take the time off, afford to book a flight, and manage to get everyone’s schedules coordinated.  Staycation, Beechwood Hotel, Worcester, MAInstead of waiting for a distant vacation, though, people are planning staycations so they can relax sooner (and for less money).

Staycations became popular five years ago when gas prices reached record highs.  People got creative and learned to “get away” while still staying at home or nearby; thus, the staycation was invented!  We think the staycation, an idea born out of necessity, has actually brought to light a couple of great points. First, why spend more money than you have to?  Second, how well do you know the attractions in your hometown?  You recommend them to out-of-town guests, but you never visit them yourself.  Why not get in on the fun, too? A staycation encourages you to do so.

Here in New England there are almost too many great museums, parks, restaurants, campgrounds, historical sites, and, well, you get the point.  There’s so much to see and so little time!  Odds are that you haven’t discovered the interesting places we have here in our own backyard.  A staycation is in order, and came up with 20 great ways to make your staycation feel like a vacation.  We recommend reading all 20, but we’d like to expand on our five favorites from the list:

Make plans

Even though a staycation may not be as long or involved as a vacation, it still requires a little bit of planning.  Do some quick online research and map out your day or two of staycation.  It will actually make things more fun in the long run.

Keep everyday life out

We know that disconnecting from work or a group of demanding friends can be a scary feeling at first, but we promise your withdrawal symptoms will disappear after you enjoy your first museum exhibit or order your second bottle of wine at that great restaurant you’ve been dying to visit.  You’re taking the “cation” part out of the staycation if you don’t take a break from the everyday things and people.

Set a budget – then spend it

You’re already going to be spending less money on your weekend-long staycation than you would on a longer vacation.  Give yourself permission to splurge a little (another recommendation is to treat yourself), and know that your planned budget will prevent buyer’s remorse or spending stress on your staycation.

Act like a tourist

Buy the shirt.  Take the silly tours.  Ride a Segway.  You will see your city in a whole new way when you experience your staycation the way an out-of-towner would experience it on a vacation.

Get a room

Taking a staycation means you’ll be staying close to home, but it doesn’t mean you have to be staying at your home.  Sometimes all you need for a break is a little change of scenery, and you can get that 10 miles away on a staycation just as well as you can 1000 miles away on a longer trip.  The best part is that someone else makes the bed and washes the towels, and having room service means your delivery options are more than pizza and Chinese food. Did you know that many hotels and resorts offer specials for locals?  Make a couple of phone calls to find your best staycation deal.

Instead of waiting to take a summer vacation or holiday break, eliminate monotony anytime with a staycation near your home.  The Beechwood Hotel in Worcester, Massachusetts, offers special packages for locals, so call to inquire about them.  If you’re going to change the four walls around you, why not have them to belong to a winner of the AAA Four Diamond Award?  It’s centrally located in Massachusetts to allow for great day trips, and you can then enjoy dinner at Ceres Bistro when you return from your exciting day.  The Beechwood and Ceres will make sure your stay happy and pampered on your staycation.

No matter what you decide to do for your staycation, remember to keep it simple and fun.  You’ve earned it!  Join us in the comments section and let us know about the best staycations you’ve taken or ones you hope to take in the future.