Del Terruño 100% Grass Fed Beef—Not Just Any Meat

You may be familiar with the term “grass fed beef”, but may have never considered its implications.

Grass Fed Beef, Ceres Bistro, Worcester, MADespite an inability to fully digest processed corn, a majority of beef cattle in the United States are raised on a grain diet. Grain fed cattle are trapped in tight quarters where disease can easily spread, on feed lots also known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Not only are these cattle administered artificial growth hormones and antibiotics in order to increase the speed and size of their meat output, but their excessive amounts of concentrated waste poses a threat to the environment.

Grass fed beef is leaner, because the cattle grow at a normal rate and are not injected with artificial growth hormones. Plus, the manure of cattle living in grass pastures can be recycled into the ground as a fertilizer, rather than emitting toxic methane gases into the environment. Therefore, grass fed beef holds a much greater health benefit.

Even some so-called “grass fed beef” animals, however, spend the ladder part of their lives in CAFOs. Oftentimes, beef producers will label their meat as “grass fed”, because the animal spent the beginning of its life freely eating grass, until it was brought to a feed lot to be boosted with hormones. It is important for consumers to watch out for these marketing tricks and seek out beef that is 100% grass fed in order to ensure their health and the well-being of the environment.

Del Terruño grass fed beef is a special kind of meat, in that its producers are fully dedicated to the quality and treatment of its animals. In fact, Del Terruño prides itself on a traceability program that allows the consumer to follow their animal through the raising, packing, distribution, and purchase processes. Consumers of Del Terruño beef hail its tender and delicious taste that can only come from the best breeding and a grass fed diet.

Interested in sampling some of Del Terruño’s grass fed beef on your own? Ceres Bistro, located in Worcester, MA, was the first restaurant in New England to serve Del Terruño beef, and they still continue to use nothing but the best today. Stop by for a Del Terruño 100% Grass Fed Rib-eye, and not only will you be blown away by the taste, but you can also walk away feeling that you did your part to help yourself, be a part of the ethical treatment of animals, and make an impact the environment!

  • Rachel Gerstein

    I really applaud your efforts to include grass fed at Ceres! HOWEVER – please consider getting grass fed beef raised right here in Central MA. to start -
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    • Alicia

      What do these animals eat in the winter?