Romantic Picnic Locations in Worcester, MA

If you are traveling to Worcester County and are looking for a low-budget date idea, look no further than a romantic picnic in Massachusetts’s second largest city. Romantic Picnic, Beechwood Hotel, Worcester, MA

Picturesque Central Massachusetts is home to a number of parks that can provide the perfect backdrop to a romantic picnic.

The following is a list of the best places in Worcester for a romantic picnic date.

Elm Park

Elm Park is the most renowned historic park in Worcester, and the perfect spot for a romantic picnic. The most defining feature of Elm Park is its historic bridges. Many would consider this romantic picnic destination as the best place for a date on this list, as it is the site of many wedding ceremonies. Therefore, a romantic picnic will definitely be in store at your visit.

Worcester Common

Worcester Common is centrally located, so it’s the perfect choice for city dwellers that would prefer a less remote yet romantic picnic setting. On the west end of the Worcester Common sits the recently updated City Hall building, along with a variety of beautiful fountains and historical statues. Worcester Common is a favorite among local workers and students, thanks to the abundance of park benches and areas conducive to romantic picnics.

Green Hill Park

Green Hill Park is the largest public park in Worcester. Located off Route 9 on Belmont Street, Green Hill Park houses two sprawling ponds that can act as an excellent view for your romantic picnic. Green Hill Park is also home to a farm that is free to the public, so you can build a visit to the farm into your romantic picnic date.


The Ecotarium is a unique science museum that houses both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Included in the Ecotarium admission fee is the chance to explore their 55 acres worth of nature trails, and even a tree canopy walkway. Surely at some point during your outdoor adventure you and your date will become hungry, so you may choose any one of the scenic areas on their 55 acres for your romantic picnic. With the Ecotarium, you have the ability to explore a museum and learn about science and nature as well as host a romantic picnic date.

Lake Park

Enjoy a portion of the four mile-long Lake Quinsigamond during your romantic picnic at Quinsigamond State Park. The park offers facilities such as fishing, swimming, sailing, and of course, picnicking. With a backdrop of boats sailing on the water, Lake Park is just the romantic picnic area for the nautically-inclined.

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Do you have a favorite spot in Worcester for having a romantic picnic?

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