How to Choose Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

Your wedding is about you—but don’t forget about the people who are standing beside you at your wedding in Worcester MA. Bridesmaids deserve to be thanked for everything they’ve done to support you in the past and on one of the most important days of your life. Consider these three rules when brainstorming bridesmaids’ gifts.

Work around your budget.
Everyone—your friends, family, random people on the internet—will try to give you advice on every aspect of your wedding. Some may be led to believe you can afford lavish gifts for your bridesmaids. Chances are that you won’t be able to gift each of your five bridesmaids with a brand new Rolex—and that’s okay! Determine your budget for bridesmaids’ gifts and work around it. Keep in mind everything they’ve done to make you feel special on your day (and how much they’ve spent from their own pockets.)

Don’t make it about you.
Many brides gift their bridesmaids with the jewelry to wear on the wedding day. While it seems like a great idea, this gift is more about the bride and less about the bridesmaids. This same concept applies to anything for the wedding—mani-pedis, salon visits, facials, etc. If you’d like to pay for their jewelry, take the extra step and thank them with another gift as well. The entire day is about you. Make the gift about them.

Make it personal.
Your bridesmaids are individuals. Try to put some thought into each gift instead of purchasing or making the same gift for everyone. Many websites sell inexpensive monogrammed gifts, such as tote bags, frames, or bath towels. But you don’t have to monogram something to make it personal. Gift ideas are endless! If one bridesmaid loves to cook, find a nice cookbook. If another loves theater, buy her tickets to a show. If you’d prefer to give your bridesmaids something more similar, try to put a little twist on each gift to make it personal. With a more limited budget, make your bridesmaids something special like personalized jewelry, scarves, a piece of art, or a scrapbook.

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