11 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Looking for ways to make your wedding in Worcester MA unique? Your guest book is a great way to connect with each of your guests, but don’t limit them to writing in a book! Try one of the following creative guest book ideas and truly impress your guests.

1.  A picture is worth a thousand words.
To put a fun twist on the typical guest book, set up a photo booth that prints two strips of photos: one for the bride and groom, another for the guests to take home. Display a book with place holders for the photos with room for written messages. A Polaroid camera works too!

2.  Create a memory quilt.
Provide squares of fabric for guests to sign. After the wedding, piece the fabric together in a memory quote.

3.  Think outside the box.
Choose an object that relates to the theme of the wedding or your relationship, such as a pair of skis or a rocking chair for guests to sign. Afterwards, display it in your home where you can always look back on the memorable day.

4.  Piece together memories.
Get a custom-made puzzle of the bride and groom. Place a bowl of pieces on each table for guests to sign. Once the wedding’s over, keep the pieces in a jar or put them together on your anniversary.

5.  Guest Book Jar
Instead of a typical book, place a guest book jar on a table. Fill the jar with seashells, flower petals, etc. and ask guests to place their messages in the jar.

6.  Sign with a thumbprint.
Find of an interesting way to use the guests’ thumbprints. For example, as tree branches or part of a picture that relates to the theme of the wedding. Allow them to write messages as well.

7.  Paint a masterpiece.
Set up a blank canvas and instruct guests to paint messages and pictures for the bride and groom. If they visit your home in the future, they’ll love to see their work displayed on your wall.

8.  Ask a question!
Place a different open-ended question on each table, such as “What should we do on date nights?” Have fun read the variety of answers after the wedding.

9.  Mail a message.
In place of the guest book, provide a stack of addressed postcards featuring places special to the couple. Ask a friend to mail them after the wedding, or have the guests send them anytime throughout the first year of marriage.

10.  Write on a bottle of champagne.
Ask guests to sign a bottle of champagne and open it on a pre-determined anniversary. After the bottle is empty, you can continue to display it in your home.

11.  Make it your own.
If you would rather stick to a typical guest book, try creating one to match your style or theme. Start with a blank journal and decorate any way you desire by picking up supplies from a local craft store.

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