Top Tips for Combining Exercise and Travel Effectively

Can exercise and travel be combined effectively? Or do exercise and travel have to be mutually exclusive? Exercise and Travel; Beechwood Hotel; Worcester, MAWell, that depends on who you ask. A fitness trainer might say to never give up exercise on account of travel. An overworked mother of 6 who hasn’t had a vacation in 12 years may disagree.

There are also personal goals to consider. If you’re looking to escape every ounce of home life and routines, you may not want to merge your exercise and travel routines. If you’re looking to eat indulgently, you may wish to incorporate some form of exercise into your trip in order to burn those extra calories. And if you’re very serious about your fitness goals and want to continue improving upon what you’ve started, then there are many ways to blend exercise and travel.

Our favorite type of “travel exercise” is that which is natural and fun. For instance, when you visit the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester, Massachusetts, your travel and exercise routine may include hiking the nature trails, skiing the slopes, or bicycling on the Blackstone Valley bike paths. Exercise and travel go hand-in-hand when you simply incorporate it into your day’s activities in this way.

But what about if you’re traveling for business and have a tight itinerary? Or the climate doesn’t lend itself to safe outdoor exercise? Must you give up exercise for the sake of travel? Absolutely not! There are quick and easy ways to merge exercise and travel, even if they’re not the full routine you’re used to.

What are some tried and true fixes for fitting exercise into your travel itinerary?

Jump ropes pack easily and skipping rope can be done in the hallway, as long as you don’t disturb your neighbors.

Good old calisthenics can be done anywhere. Take along some resistance bands for extra mileage.

Strengthening your core is perhaps the easiest exercise and travel combination to pull off. There is essentially no equipment required. Just a little self-discipline.

Google a few “prison-style” workouts that can be done in tight spaces before you hit the road. Then, if your room is exceptionally small, you will still be able to exercise in spite of the travel.

And don’t forget speed-walking or jogging for some cardio. It’s a great way to explore your new surroundings.

Keep in mind that exercise and travel, while they can be blended to achieve results, are still not the same as your regular routine. At the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester, Massachusetts, we’re happy when our guests are happy.

Be gentle with yourself. Slip in a few exercises in the morning, a few more before you retire, and if you’re able, squeeze in a few more during the day. Exercising while on the road often requires willpower. Celebrate the success of any exercise and travel combination that you pull off, no matter how small.

Do you have any tips of your own for merging exercise and travel? What are your favorite exercises when traveling?