Eating Gluten-Free and Sticking To It

People embark on gluten-free diets for a number of reasons. Eating Gluten-Free, Ceres Bistro, Worcester, MAThose diagnosed with Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity may eat gluten-free out of necessity, while many others do it simply to lose weight. Whatever your reason for eating gluten-free, you probably already know how difficult it can be to adhere fully to this diet, since a large part of the American diet derives from wheat and grain products.

The easiest way to ensure that the food you eat is gluten-free is to stick with unadulterated produce. You will never have to question whether or not fruit and vegetables contain gluten. However, if you only consume apples and lettuce three meals per day, you may find yourself feeling pretty hungry, and you may not be receiving enough fiber and other nutrients to keep your body energized. Fortunately, there are a variety of websites and smartphone apps that list which popular products and brands are gluten-free, such as Gluten-Free Registry. The internet also has many ideas on how to get creative so you don’t have to give up all of your favorite foods when eating gluten-free.

Eating out can be especially difficult for those eating gluten-free. Even if a menu item may appear to be gluten-free, cross-contamination is still a concern, which is important for those with more severe allergies. One good way to ensure that the food you order is strictly gluten-free is to always call ahead. Typically if you give the chefs enough notice, they will be able to make special accommodations for your dietary restrictions. Sometimes speaking with the server or hostess is not enough—see if you can get in contact with the chef or the restaurant manager. It may be beneficial to carry restaurant cards that explain the details of the diet that you can hand out to chefs. These cards even come in a variety of languages for those looking to travel.

Dining at restaurants that are familiar with serving those eating gluten-free are a much safer bet overall. While the awareness for celiac disease has raised substantially in recent years, most people do not know precisely what eating gluten-free entails. The best way to ensure a quality meal with a good balance of nutrients is to visit a place that offers an accommodating menu.

Ceres Bistro, located in Worcester, MA, is proud to offer special gluten-free lunch and dinner menus so that those eating gluten-free can enjoy their food too. Here are Ceres, we are work to provide our guests with an excellent culinary experience despite any allergies or dietary restrictions. Pan-Seared Swordfish, Maine Lobster Risotto, and our Signature Steaks are just a few of the gourmet options on our gluten-free menus. Contact us to learn more, or make your reservation today!

What is your favorite dish to make when eating gluten-free? Have you found that you don’t have to sacrifice what you love as long as you have the right ingredients? We’d love to hear more about your experience eating gluten-free in our comments section below.