How to Plan a Memorable Corporate Event

Creating a memorable corporate event is a big responsibility, whether your task is to organize an internal meeting or an enormous expo. Memorable Corporate Event, Beechwood Hotel, Worcester, MAExhaustive planning is the key component to planning a successful and memorable corporate event, yet many do not know where to begin. Perhaps instead of hiring a professional event planner, your company has assigned you the job of creating and executing what is required to be a memorable corporate event. While the idea of undertaking this task may feel overwhelming, it is important to remember the following elements when event planning.

Memorable Corporate Event: Budget

If you haven’t already been given one, create a budget for yourself. Obtain quotes from a variety of venues and vendors for comparison. If money is tight, look for opportunities where you can turn things into do-it-yourself projects (without becoming too overwhelmed). Interns can be a great resource for such tasks. Also, see if you can obtain sponsors who will provide their services for free or at a discounted price.

Memorable Corporate Event: Venue

The first matter of business should be choosing a venue. Confer with the venue to confirm that the dates you have chosen are available and ask what is included in the cost. Certain add-ons may be more valuable than simply selecting the lowest-priced venue. Since the venue is arguable the most important aspect of creating a memorable corporate event, skimping on venue costs should be out of the question.

Many people choose to plan their corporate events at a hotel, because it can be especially helpful when attendees must travel far distances to meet in a central location. Most hotels advertise rooms specifically dedicated for corporate events, and they tend to offer discounted rates when one is booking a number of rooms at once.

Memorable Corporate Event: Itinerary

Send out email invitations to your event far in advance, and be sure to include a link to an online registration site. Give attendees an early registration deadline so that you have time to get an accurate head count for the event.

Set a concrete itinerary for the event and distribute it to all attendees ahead of time. Not only will this keep presenters on schedule, but it will allow everyone to plan their travel accordingly. The best time to begin a corporate event is around 10:00 am, because those who are traveling will be given ample time to reach the destination. A majority of the day will still be left for the event, but it will also allow attendees to explore the area during dinner time.

Memorable Corporate Event: Task List

Draw up a schedule for both yourself and anyone assisting you in the execution of the event. Determine how far in advance each task must be completed, and stick to the schedule in order to ensure that you aren’t scrambling to bring it all together on the last few days before the event. Since you will most likely have others helping you with the event, be sure to follow up with them on a regular basis to be sure that they are completing their tasks on schedule as well.

Make a list of the equipment that will be necessary for the event. Not only will you need to ensure that the venue provides the right A/V hookups, but even simple office supplies should be put on a packing list. One can ever have too many pens and staplers at a corporate event.

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Can you tell us some of the important elements of the most memorable corporate event that you’ve ever attended?