How to Choose the Healthiest Bread

While you may have grown up eating PB&J sandwiches made with Wonder Bread, you probably know by now that white bread has little nutritional value. Healthiest Bread, Ceres Bistro, Worcester, MABut what you probably do not know is that wheat bread might not be the healthiest bread choice either. This article is meant to uncover the healthiest bread to accompany your nutritious lifestyle.

What many people may not realize is that many breads contain a lot of sugar. This is the biggest reason that white bread is considered poor for your health—because it’s packed with sugar. Not to mention, the enriched bleached flours used to make white bread have their nutrients stripped from them in exchange for their nice white color. White breads have little to no nutritional value.

Eating the healthiest bread can be complicated, because oftentimes the packaging is misleading. Just because your bread is considered “whole grain”, that does not mean it’s wholly made of grains. Many whole grain breads sneak enriched bleached flour into their ingredients. In fact, some “wheat bread” is actually just white bread with an extra ingredient to give it the darker brown color! At the same time, multigrain does contain multiple grains, yet not many of them are whole grains, therefore lowering its health benefits as well. Checking the ingredient list is definitely important.

Rye and pumpernickel are often considered to be the healthiest breads—but it is important to check for added ingredients with these heartier types as well. Sometimes the rye and pumpernickel producers will add other grains that are not as nutritious. If you can find 100% rye, then this is the healthiest bread choice, but it can be difficult to find.

Look for a bread that boasts lots of fiber, as this helps you stay full longer and therefore will prevent you from consuming too many calories throughout the day. Whole grains are also important to reap the nutritional benefits that are found in some breads.

The most important thing to look for when you are buying bread is the term “enriched bleached flour.” If this is the main ingredient, put it down and move on. The best way to determine the healthiest bread is to look for the symbol of 100%. The healthiest bread is 100% whole grain or 100% rye.

Here at Ceres Bistro, we are concerned with providing both healthy and delicious meals to our guests. In line with this mantra, we offer a variety of breads ranging from marble rye to whole wheat so that you can make the best nutritional decision. Contact us to make a reservation today!

What is your favorite among these healthy breads?