4 Recipes for Festive Fall Cocktails

As the weather gets colder and the leaves change color, out go the frozen margaritas and light citrusy drinks, and in come the more soothing, apple and pumpkin flavored cocktails. Fall Cocktails, Ceres Bistro, Worcester, MAWarm drinks are a great addition to your cocktail repertoire as well, as they can soothe a chilly autumn day. The following list of classic fall cocktail recipes are both easy to make and taste great.

1. Old Fashioned

Step into days of old by serving guests an Old Fashioned at your next get-together. As the name suggests, this is one of America’s oldest cocktails and has recently regained popularity due to its frequent imbibing by Don Draper.

To begin, pour a half of a teaspoon of sugar (or one sugar cube) into a signature Old Fashioned glass. Then, add a few dashes of Angostura bitters and a teaspoon of water. Muddle the sugar until it has dissolved. Then you add your whiskey. Many people like to use bourbon in their Old Fashioned, but the original drink was made with rye. Pour two ounces into the glass and stir. Add a little bit of ice and a swath of lemon peel. (Squeeze it a bit into the drink before dropping it in so that the drink catches some of the oils.)

Want to make your cocktail even more fall-themed? Add a bit of pureed pumpkin and a dab of maple syrup.

2. Mulled Apple Cider

Nothing is better than drinking apple cider in autumn, except maybe drinking it hot and spiked with rum.

First, pour a gallon of apple cider into a crockpot or saucepan. Add cloves, allspice, cinnamon sticks, and orange peels and allow this mixture to simmer for 30 minutes. Add a splash of dark rum to each serving to really spice things up!

3. Dark and Stormy

Hopefully this drink doesn’t indicate the type of weather than is coming this season, but if it does, you’ll be ready with this simple, two-ingredient recipe.

The Dark and Stormy is typically made in a highball glass. Pour ginger beer into the glass filled with ice, usually about four ounces. Then top with 1.5 oz (one shot) worth of Gosling’s Black Seal rum and garnish with a lime wedge.

4.  Sangria

While a light sangria is sometimes associated with summertime, it also works great for the fall when freshly picked apples are abundant.

When making a sangria for fall, a dry red wine or pinot grigio is suggested. Pour the bottle of wine into a sangria pitcher and add a half cup of brandy and a half cup of orange juice. Add chopped apples and pears, a cup of club soda, and stir.

These fall cocktail recipes are great for your Halloween or Thanksgiving party! Or, simply use your new bartending techniques as an excuse to invite some friends over.

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What are some of your favorite things to drink in the fall?