Hosting a Wedding After-Party

The wedding after-party is a trend that’s popping up everywhere, especially among younger couples. Wedding After-Party, Beechwood Hotel, Worcester, MAWe’re not talking about an ordinary wedding reception either. A wedding after-party is the celebration that continues on after the reception has ended. It’s a great way to keep the festivities going long into the night, while allowing the older crowd and those with children not to miss out on any of the good stuff. It’s also a great way to let loose with friends if you have a more traditional, reserved family.

When hosting a wedding after-party, it is important to hold it near the site of the wedding reception so that guests don’t have to worry about travel to and from the party. Many people opt to have their wedding after-party at the hotel where their guests are staying in order to make it easier on everyone. That way, no one has to worry about driving and everyone can continue to drink at the hotel bar for as long as they would like until retiring to their room.

If all guests aren’t staying at the location where the wedding after-party is held, then it is vital to provide them with a feasible way of getting home if they are unfit to drive. Consider renting a shuttle that will take guests to their rooms if the location is off-site.

It is important to determine the logistics of your wedding after-party far in advance. For example, will the hotel bar be crowded on the night of your wedding, or can you reserve it for the night? Perhaps your hotel will offer a private room in which you can continue the festivities.

Determine whether or not you will pay for the guests’ drinks or if you will let them dish out the money themselves. (If you had an open bar at the reception, there’s no need for you to pay for their drinks here as well!) Be sure to indicate this to them before they arrive, so your guests will know whether or not to bring cash or a card.

While a themed wedding might not be your thing, a themed after-party allows you to get creative. Decorate the area and favors with a certain theme and ask the venue for drink specials on cocktails that match that theme. The theme can be anything from your favorite movie, to a luau, to a royal ball. You’re allowed to get extravagant and eccentric in your wedding after-party—this is your celebration after all.

While your guests may still be stuffed from dinner, it is still important to provide more snacks during the wedding after-party. Whether it is an array of hors d’oeuvres or simply a bowl of pretzels, giving guests something to snack on will keep them at ease and lessen the effects of their drinks.

While you may want to remain in your wedding attire for reception photos and videos, the wedding after-party is truly a time to let loose. Let your guests know the appropriate attire so you don’t show up in your sweats while everyone else remains dolled-up from the wedding ceremony.

Give back to your guests who stay up late with you with a nice party favor. Make it something personalized, like a souvenir that they can keep to remember your wedding. One great option for a bar with an outdoor patio could be cigars with personalized bands. Decorated wine glasses filled with candy is another option—and can be made quite cheaply at home! Get creative and let the theme of your after-party take over.

If you are interested in planning a wedding after-party, please contact us at The Beechwood Hotel. We would be happy to play host to your wedding after-party, especially since we have a conveniently-located restaurant and bar in our venue that would make the perfect after-party spot! We’d love to help make your wedding night a dream come true.

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