How to Keep the Romance Alive in Your Marriage

When you and your spouse first met, you felt butterflies in your stomach every time you saw each other or spoke over the phone. How to Keep the Romance Alive, Beechwood Hotel, Ceres Bistro, Worcester, MABeing apart for even a few hours felt like a lifetime, and you couldn’t help but want to share every new experience with them.

But after spending a number of years together, seeing your spouse nearly every day, and dealing with the stress of parenting, that newlywed feeling often disappears. You probably find that you are just too busy to spend any real, quality time together. Here are just a few ideas that will help reignite that spark.

Make Time

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that you and your hubby find yourself becoming more like acquaintances than lovers is that you don’t stop and take time for just the two of you. Relaxing mindlessly in front of the television or in bed on different devices doesn’t count. Make time each week where you engage face-to-face. Go on a date like you used to do, or try something new together.


Flirting for the most part is probably long gone, but you should definitely work to keep it alive—event if it just means a flirty text during the day that will lead to something more after you come home from work. Compliment each other as if you were still trying to win each other over. Hold hands and retain physical as well as emotional contact.

Show Appreciation

Even if your spouse is just doing something simple like cleaning the dishes, remind him or her that you appreciate their help and that you notice their contribution. Write out a list of things that you appreciate and love about your spouse. Whether or not you share it with them, it will put you in a loving mood. Love letters are also a great way to keep the romance alive.

Get Out of a Routine

A monotonous routine has probably made its way into your marriage—as it does with most everyone. There isn’t anything wrong with maintaining a consistent schedule, but it can also cause life to become stale. Shake things up by switching up the routine, whether it be who puts the kids to bed or by going away for the weekend. The newness of a relationship is what causes the “honeymoon stage”, so partaking in something new will bring back those old feelings.

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