How to Throw the Most Memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Every Jewish person knows that around the age of 13, Jewish boys and girls all over will be thinking about their bat mitzvahs or bar mitzvahs. They are an important time in a young person’s life. It is the time where a boy becomes a man, and a girl becomes a woman. After a traditional ceremony, a party is thrown for the guest of honor. This party becomes a very memorable part of their life, and there are ways to make it stand out from the rest.

Plan AheadHow to Throw the Most Memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Bar mitzvahs usually occur when the girl is 12, and a bat mitzvah will be planned when the boy is 13. Knowing this information will help the parent to strategize all necessary plans. Planning ahead has its advantages for saving, because it allows you to buy certain items ahead of time, instead of paying for everything at once. Booking a venue and setting the date at the temple for the service ahead of time will allow ample time for you to get everything else done.


Most modern bar/bat mitzvahs have a theme. The theme can be anything your child choses, from nautical to sports. Make sure it is something that you can effectively use throughout the event. Using table toppers, balloons, streamers, and wall decorations around the room will help set the mood for the theme. It does not have to be an obvious theme; a subtle color theme is always a good option as well.


The entertainment will be the most important part of the bar/bat mitzvah reception. Entertaining a big group of pre-teens can be tricky, especially when most of them are going to plenty other mitzvah celebrations within the next year. To keep things interesting, try putting a twist onto classic party necessities. Instead of having a traditional welcome book, create a board with pictures of your child, that all of his or her friends can sign. Hand out “swag” that the kids can wear while grooving to the DJ, like hats, multicolored sunglasses, and glow stick necklaces. You could even bring an airbrush artist in to customize t-shirts, so everyone has their own one-of-a-kind outfits.

The DJ is very important. They should be able to play top 40 hits, some classic Jewish music, and be able to successfully MC dance floor games, like the limbo.

Hiring a photographer would also be a smart move, because you and your child will want to remember this night. Alongside the photographer, a photo booth or caricature artist will creatively capture the night, and will include original, take home souvenirs for everyone.


A typical bat/bar mitzvah will have a buffet style dining experience. To keep the kids happy, include a separate, kid’s buffet that includes pizza, chicken fingers, french fries, and other popular food that typical 12 year olds will enjoy. Have a signature drink named after your child will make them feel even more special than they already are. Mocktails can be handed out to all the kids. Mocktails are non-alcoholic beverages that are in martini glasses that will make the kids feel fancy and adult.

For a quick and easy gift bag idea, have a candy bar, where guests can pick and choose from the candy dishes in front of them to put into a take-home bag. Most importantly, a custom cake will finish off your theme and be the centerpiece of your party.


The venue is the key to pulling all of this off. Having the perfect location that will help with catering, setting up, and breaking down is hard to find. The Beechwood Hotel, at 363 Plantation Street in Worcester, MA, will be sure to do all of these things and more. Our function room is the perfect area for food, dancing, and laughter. Having a bar/bat mitzvah in a hotel also allows guests to stay over, so kids can stay up way past their bedtime to celebrate adulthood.