The Many Duties of The Maid of Honor

Best friend, confidant, liaison, problem solver, toast maker, emotional support, and partner in planning: there are a myriad of tasks on a maid of honor’s plate, and no one should take the role lightly. Duties of the Maid of Honor, Beechwood Hotel, Worcester, MADon’t fret! As long as one is armed with the knowledge of what’s to be expected, there should be no problems.

Here are several things that usually fall under the Maid of Honor’s purview:

-Dress shopping with the bride to pick out the wedding dress—and/or bridesmaid dresses, if requested.
-Organizing a bachelorette party for the bride and coordinating with the other bridesmaids.
-Hosting a bridal shower or assisting whomever hosts the party.
-Lending a hand with any wedding planning or pre-wedding necessities (e.g. addressing invitations or cataloging gifts from the shower so the bride can write thank you notes).
-Organizing and attending dance lessons with other members of the wedding party to prepare for the first dance.
-Liaising with the wedding planner, if there is one, the best man to make sure everything is running smoothly on the day of the wedding.
-Making sure all the bridesmaids make it to the venue on time the morning of the ceremony.
-Keep the bride from overdoing the champagne, shots, etc. before the wedding so she doesn’t look like a candidate for rehab in the wedding photos.
-Helping with clothing, hair, and make-up maintenance:
-Assisting the bride with dressing before the ceremony.
-Makeing sure the train/veil/bouquet are never in the bride’s way and that she always looks picture perfect.
-Holding makeup and other toiletries for “touch-ups” throughout the day.
-Checking regularly to make sure the bride has everything that she needs—especially making sure she gets something to drink and nosh on in the morning before the ceremony.
-When Aunt Bessie insists on monopolizing the bride, intervening by complimenting Bessie’s dress as you discreetly take her somewhere for a photo or glass of champagne.
-Toasting the bride and groom! Keep it classy ladies, and make sure to include the groom in your speech because it’s both of their day.

Remember, just keep an eye on the bride and keep things light. It’s her day, so it’s the maid of honor’s job to help solve problems and make the bride laugh. A well-timed joke can dissolve even the biggest stressors (and offering to fix the problem does even more).

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