Corporate Function Ideas for an Engaging Event

Corporate events are a great way to not only encourage networking with both potential and current clients, but when done right it can also be a great team bonding event and morale booster for staff. Corporate Function Ideas, Beechwood Hotel, Worcester, MAThe best way to have a memorable corporate function is to think outside of the box, as well as make sure that your goals for the event line up with the desires of the attendees.

Who to Invite

You will need to set some goals for the corporate event and then determine a guest list from there. Is this strictly to celebrate your employees, or are you hosting a trade show to help lure in new clientele? Even if the event is for your vendors, it is still a good idea to have the true “faces” of your company in attendance.

If you are taking your employees away from their free time, then it is often a good idea to invite their families. Many companies will host an annual holiday party with fun crafts and entertainment for the kids. Make your employees feel like the company not only cares about them but the well-being of their family.

The Main Event

An important part of hosting a corporate function is to reward your employees for all of their hard work. Especially if the event is after-hours, you don’t want them to dread the thought of attending. Employees value their own time, so if they are obligated to attend then it is important to ensure that they can have a good time. You can even use a fun corporate event as incentive for meeting an internal goal. Giving your employees an opportunity to unwind, drink, and eat fine cuisine for free is a great reward. Plus, a drink or two is a great way to encourage even the most introverted of employees to mingle better.

Spice it Up

If attendees are going to sit through some presentations, then make sure to get your point across with humor and entertainment. PowerPoint presentations are usually dreaded. Hire a keynote speaker that is able to not only motivate and educate attendees but entertain them as well.

Encourage Mingling

A little bit of friendly competition is a great way to establish bonding. Whether you host a summer party that involves horseshoes, or pit your programming team against your sales team to complete puzzles, adding games in between the necessary seminars is a way to keep attendees engaged. Creating your own version of a game show is another fun way to get everyone involved in the activities.

Help Charity

Working toward a common goal is one great way to encourage teamwork amongst your employees. If you choose a goal that everyone can get behind, then it gives employees something more meaningful to work towards and gives the event more meaning for all involved.

Go Somewhere

Unless you have an awesome unused space in your corporate building, then you should plan the event somewhere outside of work. Why? Your employees need a break from their current scenery. Even if you have the hippest office space around, novelty wears off pretty quickly after spending forty hours per week staring at the same walls. Consider it like a field trip, and plan somewhere fun to go.

If you are planning a corporate event, Beechwood Hotel would love to host! We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings as well as a large function space for you to use as you please. Contact us today to learn more!