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Beechwood Hotel Offers Accessory Ideas to Fit Any Budget

On average, brides spent $1,211 on a wedding dress in 2012, according to a joint survey by the Knot and For many brides, that sucks up much hope for an extravagant accessories budget. But don’t worry, accessories should complement the dress without overwhelming it. Traditional veils and fancy bouquets can rack up the dollars a little too quickly. Go for these less expensive—and less expected!—bridal accessories when you tie the knot with your sweetheart.

Feathery Fashion Statement

Tired of seeing brides marching down the aisle with tears streaming down into their less than inventive flowers? Shake up the norm and add over-sized feathers to your bouquet, or better yet, replace it with a neutral array of various sized feathers and textures like the bride of this fall Virginia wedding. Add a few feathery flourishes to your hair by attaching it to a short veil, small hat or clip in the side of your up-do before saying “I do.” Opt for a black and white tuxedo effect where the bridesmaids wear black and their accessories shine white.

DIY Paper Flower Bouquet

Simultaneously slash your flower budget and infuse innovation with a DIY paper flower bouquet. Opt for an enormous over-sized flower on a stem to carry down the aisle. Make smaller versions for your bridesmaids. For an added sentimental bonus, consider inscribing your vows on the paper before turning them into a floral display. No need to hang the bouquet upside down to dry afterward, simply place it on a shelf or unravel and seal it in a scrapbook to showcase your vows.

Bridal Belts

Get ready to embrace bridal belts, because this bejeweled waist accessory is taking center stage. Opt for a high-wasted band that accentuates your flowing dress, or choose a more modern design featuring black with a sparkling broach in the center. If you still want real flowers but can’t afford to put them everywhere, consider purchasing one pre-made floral arrangement and dismantling it to add natural beauty to your belt. Use the rest of the flowers in your bride’s hair to pull the look together.

Statement Necklace

Go big on your wedding day with a one statement piece. Choose a necklace with over-sized jewels or long pearl earrings that drip down to your collar bone. When you wear one piece of eye-catching jewelry you can get away without wearing other accessories that can quickly add up in price. Maybe it was your grandmother’s bracelet or a the first Christmas gift your future wife gave you—either way, just make sure it’s sentimental and makes you feel loved and beautiful.

Unique Accessories to Bring to the Altar

The sky is the limit when you’re talking about your special day. And with two brides, that means there’s extra license to make it special. One Tennessee woman fashioned her train into a makeshift baby carrier so she could drag her one-month-old daughter down the aisle. She proceeded to walk down the aisle with her “something new” proudly on display.

While you may not want to take it so far as to fashion your children right into your dress, you can draw on a variety of personal, unique or just fun traditions from around the world. In Germany, the newlywed couple grabs onto a two-man crosscut saw atop of a saw horse and cuts a log in half. Bedazzle your own saw with plenty of glittering jewels or inscribe the date and your names on the handle and start cutting.

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