How to Plan the Perfect Date Night

Whether you and your date have only just met or have been married for years, knowing how to plan the perfect date is what will bring that spark to your relationship.

The History of Tea Time

This past December Ceres Bistro began hosting Tea Time on Saturdays. Tea time evokes many different ideas for people — corsets, scones, pinky fingers sticking out… imagine a scene from Downton Abbey.

Is Dining Etiquette Important?

Just the word “dining etiquette” itself seems to stir up a touch of anxiety for all except the highly experienced gala goers.

Fall into the Season with the Health Benefits of Pumpkin

The fall season is in swing meaning the flavors of autumn are also here. For centuries, pumpkin has been a fall favorite for many. Little do autumn lovers know, there are many benefits of pumpkin besides carving them for decoration.