How to Make Sangria

The 1960s in America were a time of great innovation and change, but there was one historical event that we feel doesn’t get enough recognition:

The History of Tea Time

This past December Ceres Bistro began hosting Tea Time on Saturdays. Tea time evokes many different ideas for people — corsets, scones, pinky fingers sticking out… imagine a scene from Downton Abbey.

Our Favorite Summer Cocktail Recipes

It’s Friday and you just got off work. You are so tired you don’t even want to take off your work clothes and to make matters worse, it’s about ninety degrees outside and you’re about ready to pass out from heatstroke. It feels like it has been the worst week ever and a beer just read more

Best Winter Cocktails to Keep You Warm All Season Long

Brisk winter winds and chilly evenings call for some warm comfort, and this is where winter cocktails come in. Whether you need to take the edge off during the busy workweek or you’re due for a relaxing evening by the crackling fire, winter cocktails are a delightful way to get warm and cozy.  A truly read more